Monster Pack: Animated Digits and Symbols (Stop-Motion Edition)

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Monstrous digits and math symbols, hand crafted from Plasticine and animated.

Want to spice up top-10 lists, math expressions and other such stuff? Every symbol in Monster Pack: Digits is hand crafted (from modeling clay) and animated by Rodik. 

Released under the Shrimp Labs brand with the help of Aidy Burrows and Gleb Alexandrov.

About the Animators:

Eugeny Palamarchuk - video maker, glitch-art enthusiast

Rodik and Nik - video makers, claymation geeks and Star Wars fans

Tech specs:

10 animated digits, 12 basic math symbols

1080p version - 223 MB

4k version - 1.3 GB

Animation length of each symbol - 8 seconds (contains repeated frames)

Fade-in and fade-out animations

Alpha channel

Resolution: 4k - 3840x2160, 24 fps

Resolution: 1080р - 1920x1080, 24 fps

Format: QuickTime MOV, codec: GoPro CineForm with Alpha (previews are available in .mp4)

Other formats available upon request


- Stop-motion animation

- 12 unique frames per second (on average)

- Animated by hand

- Custom typeface


Monster Pack: Animated Digits and Symbols can be used in any software that supports videos (and this particular format and codec). DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Blender.


Q: I can’t unzip the archive.

The archives are packed using 7-zip with a high compression ratio, to fit into Gumroad limits and save up some bandwidth. Software like Winrar and 7-zip (free) can open these files. - Download 7-zip

Q: Is it a full animated font? Does it have letters?

It’s only digits and basic math symbols.

Q: Is it free?

Sure, you can download 1080p version for free if you wish. Just put 0 in the price field.

If you wish to buy creators a coffee, put a bonus there. 1, 3, 5, 20, whatever feels right for you.

The 4k version starts at 10 though.

Q: What software is supported?

DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Final Cut, Blender - any software with support for video editing.

Q: I can’t open the videos, what’s the matter?

A: To save some disc space and not sacrifice the quality (and include the Alpha channel), we encoded the videos using GoPro CineForm codec. Not all media players support this codec.

That being said, the mp4 previews can be found in the Preview folder.

Q: Can I use it in Blender?

Blender supports videos and image sequences, so yes, absolutely. If you want to use it as a texture, add Image Sequence in the 3D Viewport or Blender's own Video Sequence Editor (VSE).

Q: What if I want to put together a number like 555? Will I have three identical fives in my video?

A: Yup. Though we realize that it would be great to have a few unique variants of every digit. If the demand will be high enough, we’ll ask our Rodik to make some more claymation.

What we can do for now is this: almost any video editor supports color grading and changing the playback speed. The point is to tweak those things to make the animations asynchronous.

Also, as seen in the video a 6 can make a pretty good 9. As Jimi Hendrix once said..if 6 turned out to be 9 - I don't mind. 

Q: Math symbols are huge. I want to add a dot but it almost fills the entire screen!

A: You see, Rodik and Nik are perfectionists. They wanted to retain the 4k resolution even for dots and commas. So scale it down please.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Requests, feedback, we’ll be happy to help.

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Monster Pack: Animated Digits and Symbols (Stop-Motion Edition)

20 ratings
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